Celebrating Budget Time!

How HR Can Help Business Partners Own their Team’s Development

I love budget time! No, I’m not crazy. I’ve found that budgets are a great way for HR to help their business partners understand that development of their team should be owned by every department leader – and why that is so important to improving business results.

We’ve learned that employees that know their Manager truly cares about them, their development, and their growth in the organization are more productive – and more likely to stay. It is more important now for department leaders to take an active role in the development of their team and their future in the company. Learning and development no longer comes only out of an HR budget if the business leader is serious about playing a key role in their teams’ results.

Yes – everyone, not just HR, should own leadership development and include it in their budget process. Whether your budget cycle ends in Dec, or you are preparing for your 2020 budgets, below are some things to think about, and questions to ask your business partners, as you discuss and prepare company budgets:

  1. Is there money left in the department budget this year that can be used to develop or reward a top performer on the team? What needs to be planned for next year’s budget?
  2. Need a team retreat to improve collaboration and do some strategic planning for 2020?
  3. Have a new leader that needs to quickly achieve results and some quick wins for the team? Thought about a New Leader Assimilation program for internal promotions or outside hires?
  4. Has succession planning taken place? What competencies do your top employees need to get to the next level? Would a customized coaching program help?
  5. Need to hire new leaders and ensure they are a fit with the skills to succeed? Considered budgeting in Selection Assessments that can help you hire the right people in the right position?
  6. Has the department leader had complaints about the way a top performer leads, even though they are getting results? Could budgeting in 360 assessments help you learn details of how they can improve their leadership style with coaching to help them do so?
  7. Does your business partner need help getting their supervisor from a Manager to a Leader?
  8. Are your leaders trying to create a Culture of Inclusion? Considered budgeting in ways to Create Psychological Safety in your organization?
  9. Do your business partners want to increase Diversity on their team or the number of female leaders? Would they support a Women in Leadership seminar?
  10. Do your leaders talk about stress? Thought about use of a Mindfulness Program to increase productivity and improve results?

If you would like to learn more about any of the items mentioned, or need any “ballpark pricing” for your budgets, feel free to give me a call or send an email. I’m happy to help you figure out the best way to meet your goals, develop your leaders, and unleash their potential.