Organizations Strong Stay Relevant

The International Community is a complex organization, and we have been rocked by a global pandemic. The United States is a multi-faceted and complex organizational system, and we are being “awakened” to racial injustice because we are finally hearing, #BlackLivesMatter. Given these two realities, how is your organization responding?   Never before have businesses needed to demonstrate agility with their organizational strategy.  Likely what was working in January 2020 is not working as strongly in June 2020.  And, so, as leaders, we make proactive choices to exercise incredible, courageous, and empathic leadership. In 2008 David J. Collis and Michael G. Rukstad published a seminal article titled: Can You Say What Your Strategy Is? Among many salient points, the article stated: The creative part of developing strategy is finding the sweet spot that aligns the firm’s capabilities with customer needs in a way that competitors cannot match given the changing external context—factors such as technology, industry, demographics, and regulation. We do leadership.  And, it is our belief that companies will need to revisit their “sweet spot” because the needs of their customers are changing as they, too, pivot with careers, lifestyles, and available financial resources. Organizations that likely stay relevant, and even thrive, will need to reassess their current strategy or, said another way, their value creation.  Yes, just “why” does your organization exist?  And, yes, “what” is your strategic narrative for success given the numerous crises we have faced?  For instance, Starbucks just announced that they are closing 400 stores because consumer behavior has changed during the pandemic (café model to pickup-only model).  And, NASCAR said it will ban all Confederate flags at events—including races and properties—as a response to racial injustice. As leaders, we invite you to schedule the time and energy—as well as a Growth Mindset—in order to create the value proposition that will provide sustainability for you in the marketplace.
  • What are the short-term priorities that will enable you to attend to both your employees as well as your clients?
  • Allow your statement of vision to provide internal motivation and pride of purpose.
  • What strategies need to be reconsidered? Or, reframed?
  • How will you, now, market and promote your value proposition?
  • Who can provide the facilitation skills or coaching to equip your senior leadership?
Good luck as you meet and plan proactively; whether it is for the first time this month, or as you have been planning over the past few months.   We wish your Organization “Strong”.