Coach Spotlight: Vicki Abelson, ACC


By The Turknett Team

Meet Vicki Abelson, certified professional coach, and lover of developing and growing others. Vicki was born in the former Soviet Union but grew up in Texas. Today, she is married to her husband and has two small children, and one very large dog. When she is not coaching and helping others develop their leadership skills, she is listening to music and reading more books than she can really handle.


A True Calling

Vicki has a true passion for people, evidenced by her career in the healthcare industry. From an early age, Vicki knew she wanted to help and support others. “I have been passionate about working in healthcare operations since high school,” said Vicki. “I firmly believed in the impact the people behind the scenes (precept, front desk, insurance, etc.) had on the patient and family experience.”

Beginning her career as a Medical Records Clerk, she quickly advanced in her career until she became the Director of Finance. She loved every minute of her time in the role. As she grew in her role, she began to lead teams, providing a unique opportunity to pour into others under her. “I became interested in people development, leadership, and making sure that every team member had everything they needed in order to thrive,” explained Vicki.


A Remarkable Transition

Her interest in leadership led her to earn her coaching certificate through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) in 2019. Since then, Vicki has made a remarkable career transition, leaving her 15-year career in healthcare for an entrepreneurial journey in leadership development as a certified business coach.

When asked what she enjoys the most about coaching, it was difficult for Vicki to give one answer. “There are so many wonderful things about the process of coaching,” she replied. Perhaps one of my favorites is helping my clients see something from another perspective. I never tire of hearing: ‘I’ve never thought of it that way.'”


Light Bulb Moments

Vicki took another step in her career as a coach when she joined Turknett Leadership Group in early 2020 during the pandemic. Turknett had extensive experience working with organizations within the healthcare industry, making Vicki a great fit. Since then, Vicki has coached numerous clients and has performed various workshops. When working with her clients, it’s all about finding the “light bulb moment”.

I recently completed a 360 review with a client,” explained Vicki. He did not understand or agree with the feedback and acted as if the feedback was about someone else. After a few sessions, he understood the feedback more and became excited about creating his growth plan. I love seeing the light bulb of awareness go up in my clients.”


What’s Next?

When Vicki made the switch in her career, many who were close to her, friends, coworkers, fellow moms, wondered how she could leave such comfortable job. Two years later, some of those same people are making similar moves. As for Vicki, she hopes to continue to grow in her new role as a coach. As she develops herself, the better she can show up for the clients she serves, whether that is 1:1 or in group scenarios.

At TLG, we are excited to see all that Vicki will accomplish. To conclude, she left us with one of her favorite quotes:


“Reality comes with a point of view.” – Kelly Corrigan