The Foolproof Way to Build Confidence

Viktoria Abelson

By Viktoria Abelson

Senior Consultant – Healthcare You know the person I am talking about. The person who walks into the room full of energy and purpose. You can feel the confidence from 10 feet away (or, let’s face it, from a Zoom screen away). You wonder, how did that person become so strong, so poised, so confident? Were they born this way? Are they extremely smart and capable? Have they accomplished more than most? More importantly, how can you cultivate such confidence within yourself or your team? The secret to building confidence is simple. Action. Imagine that you have been asked to give a big presentation in front of a large audience. You are nervous and scared. You spend hours writing and re-writing your talking points and slide deck, you plan your outfit, and wonder just what exactly you are supposed to do with your hands? You worry, you fret, and you agonize. Often, we spend so much time in the planning phase of a project, that we never get to the execute phase. Plans are necessary, but plans can also give us a fake sense of security. They may make us feel like we are doing something, when in fact, we are not. Giving the speech is what will grow confidence. Imagine another scenario, you decide that you want to run a half marathon by your next birthday. You’re not really a runner, so you get on the internet and research the best running shoes and find dozens of running training plans. You spend countless hours thinking about which plan will work the best for you. You are not actually running. You are planning. Lace up the shoes and step outside. Run for 5 minutes. Everyday. The repetitive movement of action, over time, will build confidence. Each 5-minute running block will build the foundation of your confidence little by little. Soon, you will have so many blocks accumulated that you will come out on race day with as much confidence as the person who has been running half marathons all of their lives. Contact Info: Viktoria Abelson Bio 770-270-1723