New Website, New Season, Same Mission

new website, new season, same mission

Tino MantellaBy Tino Mantella

TLG President & CEO

In early 2021, we launched a gosh-darn solid website to bolster and revamp TLG’s brand. The website is one of many tools that has helped TLG grow by over 300%. Yet, after the site’s launch, we let our curiosity flow by asking: What can we do to make the user experience even better for current and prospective clients? Yes, we made some incremental changes along the way, but our internal team saw the need for more of what I would call an overhaul. So, we went to work.


Website Challenges and Solutions

The central question we wanted to answer regarding the website upgrade was, how can we better help our customers identify and reach their leadership development goals? When you visit the site, you will note that we responded to this question by identifying the most common leadership challenges people, teams, and companies face today. On the “Your Challenges” page, through our experiences and research, we lay out our audience’s needs, such as leadership development, high-potential growth, team dysfunction, communication skills, and retention, to name a few. Then, we introduced its sister page called “Our Solutions”, which displays our portfolio of leadership development solutions that address these and other needs.

If users desire to learn more about our organization and who we are, they can visit “Our Story”. This area features an interactive timeline of our 36-year history and details what sets us apart as a company. And we have added many new video testimonials from customers representing the diverse communities we serve.

So, are we done? No way! But we have made progress, and I am encouraging my team to continue to shoot for the north star. In the meantime, I want to thank our internal team, who played a crucial role in developing the new site, and our long-time website partner, Sharp Hue, who provided strong guidance and ultimately built this excellent new site.



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