Six Benefits of Coaching

Vicki AbelsonBy Vicki Abelson

TLG Senior Consultant – Healthcare If you’ve never worked with a Coach before it can feel a little daunting. What do you expect? How does it work? What do you say? What are the benefits of coaching? The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.” But what does that mean for you?  

The Benefits of Coaching


1.) It’s a safe space

In your everyday life, at the office and at home, you may have people who care about you and want the very best for you. They all, also, likely have an opinion on what that best thing is. In a coaching conversation, there is a safe space for you to figure out what the best thing is for you. Whether it’s in the context of work or home, a Coach can help you tune into yourself and uncover the answers to your questions. Without judgment. Without bias. With full support.  

2.) It allows for new learning and ideas

Coaching conversations put the client in a place where new learning can occur. According to research done by Dr. Richard Boyatzis, the safe space created by the coaching agreement allows for improved cognitive function and neuroplasticity (i.e. our ability to learn).  

3.) Helps you to see the forest for the trees

When you are in the trenches of life, you can often see only the thing that is in front of you. A coach can help you see the broader picture, find patterns, and identify solutions.  

4.) Built in accountability

Accountability looks different for everyone. A coach will work with you to better understand your accountability style to help you take action on the learnings and decisions you make while in a coaching session.  

5.) Action planning

A coach will partner with you to create an action plan that keeps moving you forward, not just adding yet another thing to your already too long to do list. They may even help you trim down the to do list of items that are no longer serving you or moving you closer to your goals.  

6.)Best practices tailored to your specific needs

Often times clients ask me “why can’t I just read a book about time management, productivity, leadership, etc.” You can. The questions I always ask in return are:
  • How often do you finish those books?
  • How well are you implementing the strategies learned?
A coach will not only share industry best practices, but will also help you understand how these strategies fit into your life and how to implement them so that they are even more effective. Vicki Abelson More about Vicki