Tim Huff, President & CEO, TLG Dekalb Chamber of Business Interview

In this interview, Tim Huff, CEO of Turknett Leadership Group, offers insights into the core elements of sustainable business success and the pivotal role of leadership in achieving it. Tim emphasizes the fundamental importance of leadership character, highlighting integrity, respect, and responsibility as essential traits for effective leadership. He elaborates on Turknett’s efforts to disseminate this leadership ethos globally through executive coaching and other developmental services.


Tim delves into the key factors driving small business success, emphasizing the significance of flexibility, agility, and maintaining focus on the organizational mission to deliver value to customers efficiently.

Furthermore, Tim underscores the nuanced nature of leadership, stressing adaptability and decision-making amid uncertainty. He emphasizes leaders’ responsibility in providing necessary resources and tools for their teams while recognizing the importance of strategic planning coupled with adaptability.

The conversation also touches upon the benefits of membership in the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, highlighting access to resources, networking opportunities, and valuable information as notable advantages for small businesses.

Overall, the discussion reflects Turknett Leadership Group’s dedication to cultivating leadership excellence and fostering sustainable business growth and community engagement through principled leadership practices.